Know It All

Yet Talented
And a hard worker too

There’s no one but you

No trust is bestowed upon you
No respect is due you

“Son of a”…yeah one of those too

Example to no one
Except to all
On what not to be

So called,
They see through you too

And Facing the End

Will you get it, realize you erred
Or harden your heart
And face a fiery end

By Susan Bunts 8/12/05

It is not my intent with this posting to be ugly or vulgar. But just as God has given me words of inspiration lately summarizing my beloved Pastor’s living example and God’s wonderful plan…so too I feel as if I am bubbling forth with words to describe an experience with an individual I’ve met. This time with an unfavorable impression.

Well alrighty…I know this one is rather dark. Don’t mean to bring you down. One thing that I thank God for is gift discernment. I am very grateful for it…and I’m sure God has used it to spare me some pain over the years

As revolting as I found this individual to be…I know as a Christian that God can even reach out and touch this person and change him. That while I was repulsed…God still loves him. So I guess I’ll conclude this posting with a prayer God will reach out, touch this man’s heart…and bring him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. That I’ll be able to stand back and see God do a great and mighty work in the life of a sinful man.