He had a wanderlust that could not be quenched
Moving from town to town
Changing jobs at the drop of a hat
With family in tow, there was always another move in store
His wife became an expert packer
Frequent moves do not lend themselves to collecting precious things
Friendships started were once again uprooted
One could only hope it was at the beginning of the school year
The ripple effects would be felt over a lifetime
A consuming passion is what did him in
Cigarette after cigarette, no less than two packs a day
He died way too young, never to see his children grown
By the time she was ten, they had moved ten times
Is it any wonder that she doesn’t know how
To let the roots of friendship grow
Something is always held in reserve
So that the deep wounds of her soul won’t be hurt again
Will she ever be unafraid of the changes tomorrow will bring
She longs to be settled for a lifetime
Letting her roots grow deep
With the husband she loves, in the place she calls home
Susan Wachtel
November 3, 2012
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