When I suffer trouble or hardship
May I recognize I have been chosen by God
Not picked on
May I be willing to suffer affliction
As a tool and an instrument
In the hands of the Master
Confident that God will use all difficulties
To help build a solid faith on the firm foundation of Christ
Not a faith founded on the shifting sands of circumstances
Knowing that He has entrusted me with troubles
So that my heart might be made tender
To the hurting souls around me
So those who lack outward beauty
Won’t be invisible to me,
May I be focused more on them, less on me
May the reproach of this world
Hold little sway or weight
Compared to the approval of God
May I take that which troubles me
Thoughts and attitudes that tempt me to sin
Lay them down at the cross
May I let go of my false beliefs and misperceptions
Tainted by this world of sin
Instead saturate my heart and mind with God’s word
My I recognize my unbelief is not harmless
But a sin against God
Calling into question His motives and character

By Susan Bunts Wachtel
January 14, 2010

Sometimes I find myself tempted to ask “Why me God?” when I encounter seasons of prolonged difficulties.  But I must say that God is so good and faithful to use difficult circumstances, trials, temptation and pain to prepare me to reach out to others.  He is so faithful to redeem my dark days by allowing me to come alongside people and encourage them or testify to the faithfulness of the Lord.