Sometimes I feel as though
I’m in the middle of crossing the Jordan

In between doubt and defeat or
Experiencing victory through believing God

Between standing on my own strength or
Walking in God’s omnipotent power

Between leaning on my own understanding or
Trusting God’s wisdom and His perfect Word

Between following God at a distance or
Walking in lock step with Him

Between seeing God’s power in the lives of others or
Knowing through experience His all sufficient power in my own life

Between captivity and victimhood or
Deliverance and victory through Christ Jesus

Between sin and death or
Walking in the newness of life

Between choosing my own will or
Obeying God

Oh God, may I remember that You have gone before me
That You are with me in the middle of the Jordan

May this be my Ebenezer Stone
A witness that Lord has brought me thus far

God You are the Covenant Maker and Keeper
You will bring me safely through

by Susan Bunts Wachtel
September 2, 2009