Scars deeply embedded

Wounds left over from childhood

Seemingly dead and buried

Make themselves known

Affecting relationships even today

What I hear

Is much different than what was said

Unable to differentiate

What was intended

Verses what was felt

At any hint

Of irritation, anger or disappointment

I find my defenses mount up

Emotions shut down

Now I don’t have to feel or risk being hurt

Trying and stay ahead

Anticipate each move

Feeling justified

In my inability to trust

Will I ever feel loved?

Will I turn to Him

The One who binds my wounds

The Healer of my soul

Only He can set this prisoner free

Will I allow Him to show me how to trust again

Will I let the One

Who taught the angels to sing

To fill my heart and mouth

With songs of praise

How long until I sing the song of freedom

By Susan Bunts

July 23, 2008