Now who would have “thunk it” that one day,
I would say thank you to those so vocal,
Always eager to share their negative view.

For in everything you see a woe,
But you’ve inspired me,
To instead look for the rainbow.

Your gloomy countenance,
Has shown me the importance,
Of bathing in sunshine and warmth.

Where you so easily see what’s gone wrong,
I now desire to see,
What’s gone right.

Instead of an outlook to lighten the load,
Daily you carry the heavy rocks,
Of pessimism and disappointment.

A focus so narrow,
Your problems have become,
The only things in your sight.

Gus, how often, I must ask, have you missed it?
Oh Lord I pray never let me overlook the opportunities and blessings,
That You wrap in the form of a problem, disappointment or woe.

Susan Bunts
November 1, 2007