Desperation I fear is my lot,
Tempted to utter words,
Best left unspoken.

You failed me…
Where were you…
Why didn’t you fight for me?

My heart and mind,
I don’t understand!

Trust evades me,
Truly I am.

My faith,
My hope,
Where are you now?

Broad shoulders,
Carry a load,
I fear I’m only adding to.

My mind knows the truth,
My eyes have seen daily,
My ears have heard your words.

How do I bridge the gap?
Bring heart and mind in sync?
My desire…trust, hope and faith.

Have you ever doubted someone…whose only aim is do the right thing and help you? And you know your doubts and wobbly faith…adds to their burdens and an already heavy load? Sometimes…I don’t know the answer…or how to make that leap of faith. But I attempt to disarm its hold over me…by speaking the truth. Right now…somehow I need to make the connection between my heart and my mind. My lack of trust…is a reflection solely on me.

I’m sorry!