Dear Chuck,
Missing you something fierce today,
Someone stood in the pulpit,
But your shadow remains.

It’s been thirty-five days,
Since you went to your great reward,
Forty-two since we heard the Word God,
Preached boldly from your lips.

How long will it be,
Until I stop counting the days?
How long will it be,
Until I sing praise once again, with my eyes open?

I hunger and thirst,
For expository preaching,
Long for sermons that challenge me,
Hold me accountable, my feet to the fire.

My dear Pastor,
My heart feels pierced.
Tears fill my eyes, and even overflow,
As I behold another, standing in your place.

How long will it be,
Until I no longer hold up the pattern.
Expecting the next man called,
To measure up to your legacy?

I look to the Lord,
Searching the Word of God,
My hurting heart cries out,
Receives comfort from my precious Savior.

Dear Pastor,
Missing you something fierce today,
But grateful to God,
For having loved you so well.

by Susan Bunts 10/23/05

Still feeling the passing of my beloved Pastor, Chuck Obremski something fierce. Keenly aware of his absence…some days more intensely than others. All the while turning to God…and being comforted in my grief.