A time for tears,
A time for faith,
A time for trust.

Broken hearts,
United hearts,
One in spirit.

No questioning why,
No asking when,
Knowing all our days, have been ordained.

Time for a sit down,
For a heart to heart,
Time to share, before one departs.

Love that will never die,
That can not be extinguished,
That will one day, reunite.

Time for tears,
Entrusted to our Savior,
Who redeemed us with His blood.

Time for faith,
In the Holy Spirit,
Who will enable us from within.

Time for trust,
In our Heavenly Father,
Who loves with an infinite love.

Susan Bunts

Today service was one that broke everyone’s heart. We continue to see our beloved Pastor Chuck Obremski be devastated by an unrelenting disease. Yet at each stage, he and his wife Linda have been an example to us all. Trusting God and knowing that He has a purpose and plan in allowing this cancer in Chuck’s life. Because of this living example…we as a congregation have been able to trust God, praise God and worship Him at every step. In the midst of tears…we are able to say “Praise God from whom all blessings flow”. We are able to thank Him for his unending grace and mercy sufficient for all circumstances that He allows in our lives.